Elizz Brand Launch

Fully integrated brand launch campaign, including two brand spots, OOH (streetcar takeover), digital (banners and website takeovers), print, announcer-read radio, and trade show booth

Caregivers are everywhere, but they're largely invisible. They do what they do privately, silently, and often go without recognition. It's not that what they do is a secret, but it's something often centered in the home, and kept within the family. As a result, caregivers may not feel acknowledged, or know how to reach out.

Our campaign, however, shows that Elizz sees and understands caregivers, even when nobody else does. The executions bring the Elizz ribbon to life and uses it to implicitly tie caregivers to the brand, highlighting the comfort and help Elizz provides. Each execution shows a person going about their regular day-to-day, but in each case, the Elizz ribbon finds and recognizes the caregiver.

Copywriter: Eva Feldmann  |  Video Production: six01