Online spots for the launch of new BMO ATMs

Four 0:30 spots (English & French) for online media, subway platform & in-branch silent video edits, social support

BMO is rolling out new ATMs across North America with four key new features - envelope-free deposits, touchscreen technology, no holds on cash deposits, and personalized settings.

The BMO ATM is all grown-up now, but it had a journey getting here. We created a series of funny & quirky spots, one for each feature, paralleling it with a human growing up experience. We follow our ATM from a baby in the early 80s, learning how to eat a cheque without an envelope, to young adulthood in the late 90s, meeting his girlfriend's family for the first time.

Featured in Strategy.

Copywriter: Eva Feldmann  |  Video Production: six01 (Jordan Foster)